Hell in a Cell

The Queen arrives.

Hell in a Cell. Four words that if WWE had their way would send shivers down your spine. It’s meant to be the ultimate feud ender. The one that leaves its participants broken, beaten and begging for psychiatric help; which is why holding a yearly event based around the theme feels weird. We’ll ignore that, though, and instead get on with our review of Raw’s latest PPV.

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Why aren’t they pushing (insert wrestler’s name here)? It’s a question that every wrestling fan asks now and then/once a week/once a day/every hour. From the baffling fact that Roddy Piper never won a World Title to Daniel Bryan’s slow burn rise to the top, wrestling fans always have a guy that want to see given a chance. Few talents on the current roster fit that mould as well as Cesaro.

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Clash of Champions and the Problem with Raw


Raw has a tendency to fall a bit flat. On the weekly TV show, I tend to put that down to its mammoth runtime which has both the crowd in the arena and those sitting at home feeling exhausted by the time the main event comes around. It’s just too much wrestling to watch every week, especially when a lot of it is filler. However, on Sunday night that feeling transferred over to Clash of Champions, despite it being a show that had none of that filler.

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Money In The Bank Preview


It’s that time of year again. The time when multiple wrestlers climb into a ring and nearly kill each other for a cheap looking briefcase. I always feel split about these multi-man ladder matches. There is no denying that they are entertaining; but are they worth it? Does Damien Sandow feel like the risks he took in Money In The Bank matches were worth his time?

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Extreme Rules Review


WWE are doing a good job of keeping interest in the generally barren months after WrestleMania. The self-proclaimed ‘New Era’ may be a little bit less fresh than it first appeared but it is still change. However, none of that matters if when the big shows come about they fall flat, so let’s see whether Extreme Rules kept up the game.

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Extreme Rules Preview


A mere handful of weeks after WWE Payback we are back with the next PPV/whatever it is you call a show that is mainly watched via the Network. Special show? Who knows. Either way, there is a sense of deja vu about this. In many ways, this is just a rehash of what we got at Payback and even as someone who enjoyed that show, it all feels a bit lazy.

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The New Era Looks Suspiciously Like The Old


WWE has spent the last few weeks promoting the so-called ‘New Era’. This era has been characterised by an influx of new talent all of whom are – to put it simply – rather good. In some ways, it is a brilliant time to be a wrestling fan. When you have AJ Styles, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens being staples of WWE TV then you know that something is going right. However, underneath that surface sheen, it appears that this new era isn’t that different from the last one. In fact, it’s pretty much the same.

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