Money In The Bank Preview


It’s that time of year again. The time when multiple wrestlers climb into a ring and nearly kill each other for a cheap looking briefcase. I always feel split about these multi-man ladder matches. There is no denying that they are entertaining; but are they worth it? Does Damien Sandow feel like the risks he took in Money In The Bank matches were worth his time?

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Let’s All Boo Seth


Extreme Rules went off the air with Seth Rollins standing tall over his former brother, Roman Reigns. It raised a simple question, would WWE steer into the cheers that Rollins was receiving or would they try and turn against the current and continue with the sham that is Roman Reigns’ face run? The answer to that question was given loud and clear on Raw. Rollins – for the time being – is bad to the bone.

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How Do You Solve a Problem Like a Seth Rollins’ Injury?

Seth Rollins’ injury is the worst thing that could have happened to WWE.  In the last six months, Rollins has upgraded from the workhorse of the SHIELD to the workhorse of the whole company.  Whether it’s dragging decent matches out of guys whose best days were twenty years ago or putting on entertaining feuds with his former stablemates.  Rollins has consistently strode above the bad booking   With him now likely to miss Wrestlemania, months of preparation have fallen down around him and the company is left in a bit of a mess.

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Hell in a Cell Review

Last Thursday I wrote in my Hell in a Cell Preview that you would be better off not bothering.  Well, despite that advice here I am again, having put three hours of my life into a WWE PPV.  I am indeed a glutton for punishment.  My conclusion?  Hell in a Cell once again proves that if WWE’s creative was half as good as their in-ring talent.  This period of wrestling could be extraordinary.  Here’s that, but in much more words.

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Night of Champions Preview

Night of Champions is a strange PPV this year.  On one hand it feels like a big deal.  Seth Rollins will compete twice and Sting is fighting for the WWE Title, something we never thought we’d see.  However, the rest of the card is same old, same old.  Rusev and Dolph Ziggler are still plodding away in their never-ending feud and Neville will probably beat Stardust again.  As usual, WWE are approaching the end of the year stuck in a bit of  a rut.  Which is probably not the way to entice you into reading this preview.

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Sting, despite a WWE record of 0-1, is going into Night of Champions against Seth Rollins for the WWE Title.  He’s also seemingly slipping back into his Joker character, which made an appearance in TNA.  The question is, is this the right way to use Sting?  And is there any world in which him becoming WWE Champion is a good idea?

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Battleground is very much a B + PPV.  Coming just ahead of Summerslam, it is one of those classic middle of the road WWE shows, which is more likely to set up Summerslam than do anything spectacular itself.  However, with rumours swirling last week about who might show their face.  Battleground suddenly became a lot more interesting to a lot more people.  So let’s have a look and see exactly what went down.  Unsurprisingly, this will contain spoilers.

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Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank always manages to be one of the better WWE events.  The Money in the Bank matches tend to deliver and in the past we’ve had iconic moments, like CM Punk walking out with the WWE title.  However, this year we came into the event just two weeks after Elimination Chamber and such a short build meant that outside of a select few feuds, mainly Cena and Owens, a lot of the build was lacking and felt rushed.  However, WWE was still able to scrape a decent show out of it.

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Payback, what’s the point?

It’s hardly revolutionary to claim that WWE need to cut back on the number of PPVs they do (although with the Network they can’t really be called PPVs now), however Payback was one of those shows that reinforced that point.  The post Wrestlemania season is always a bit flat in WWE, as they take the foot off the gas after the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’ and you can’t help but feel that the long-term implications of Payback are, well nothing.

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