Hype and Upon a Burning Body

Not so long ago Upon a Burning Body pulled one of the stranger marketing stunts I’ve ever seen, when they faked the disappearance/kidnapping of lead singer Danny Leal.  All of this came about in the lead up to the release of their newest album, The World Is Our Enemy.  Now this was quickly exposed as the hoax that it was and the whole incident was puzzled over with, as it tends to now a days, many people declaring it to be the worst thing that has ever happened blah blah blah.  However, there is no denying, having now heard The World Is Our Enemy, that the whole incident was very bizarre and in many ways a possible look into the future of our music industry.

You see The World Is Our Enemy is a fucking brilliant record.  Combining the big choruses and chunky riffs of a band like Five Finger Death Punch, with the death metal elements of Lamb of God is a combination that has led to the biggest album I have heard this year.  So why the hell did Upon a Burning Body feel the need to pull the shit they did?  They have probably the best album of their career under their belts and rather than focusing on the music they decided to hoax a kidnapping and get everyone talking about the personalities.

Well in that statement you can find the answer you are looking for.  There is no denying that what the band did was bloody stupid, but how many people are now aware of Upon a Burning Body who weren’t two or three months ago?  How many people will now check this album out, who before wouldn’t have bothered?  By doing something incredibly stupid Upon a Burning Body got more people talking about them than ever before in their career, in many ways it may become the best thing that ever happened to them.

You see the modern music industry is built on hype.  90% of the time you hear or read about a band long before you have actually listened to them.  It’s why so many bands are now judged on their look rather than their talent.  It’s something that for a long time held a band like Bring Me the Horizon back and it’s only in the last year or so that they have become to be appreciated as one of the best bands the UK has.  So to stand out and get the industry talking you need to generate a buzz, you need to make people talk about you.  Is it surprising that someone has gone to far in attempting to do that?  Quite frankly it is more of a surprise that it has taken this long for that to happen.

As hype continues to dominate the music industries things like this will continue to happen.  Just look at a band like King 810.  I haven’t heard a single track of theirs and yet I know most of their life stories.  Now from what I have heard that album might be something a little bit special, but personall,y I don’t have a clue whether that is the case, it could be shit.  The music industry has chosen to advertise that band on who their members are and, while I am sure their stories are true and everything I’ve read suggested it has been pretty shit for them, it will be what makes them stars.  Upon a Burning Body maybe went down the wrong route in their attempt to do the same, but when you think beyond the surface, you can’t help but sympathise with the thought process that got them there.

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