SEAdLINNNG Shin-Kiba (23/3/20) Review

If you thought yesterday’s Ice Ribbon review was a bit out of date, here’s a show from March. Normally, I wouldn’t bother with this over a month later, but SEAdLINNNG are unlikely to be running shows anytime soon, and they threw it up on YouTube so, why not? Plus, it’s nice to watch something relatively new where there are at least a handful of fans in attendance.

Haruka Umesaki defeated Honori Hana

I enjoyed how unafraid this match was of showing that Umesaki is the better wrestler. It wasn’t done in a way that made Honori look bad either. They’re both rookies, but Umesaki is a few rungs further up the ladder, which gave her the technical know-how to get the victory.

It also had a nice little twist where when it turned into a fight, Hana was able to stand on a more level playing field. She’s bigger and a smidge stronger than Haruka, so when they traded blows, she found her way into the action. There was even a moment where it looked like things might breakdown, the two tussling on the floor, and you got the impression that if it had, she could have won.

However, Umezaki was good enough to bring it back under control and take the win. It added up to a nice summation of why I enjoy rookie matches so much — simple ideas executed in interesting ways.

Verdict: Lovely Start

Tae Honma defeated Tsukushi and Misa Matsui in a High Speed Three Way

Tsukushi did her usual cuddling up to Taiyo before the match, but they were kind enough to let Misa into their gang too. Poor Tae then tried to get involved only to be rather cruelly dismissed, which had to leave her feeling like this was set to be an uphill battle.

That would turn out to be true as this match hinged on a complex series of alliances (okay, calling them complex is a stretch too far, but I don’t want to spoil all the fun) that twisted their way through the High Speed action. It was also a shitload of fun, as three talented wrestlers (plus Taiyo, the most active ref in wrestling) had a natural chemistry that flowed nicely.

Finally, we had a fun finish as Tae and Tsukushi pinned Matsui at the same time, but Honma was announced the winner, much to Tsukushi’s annoyance. Suddenly she wasn’t too fond of her favourite referee, while Honma ended up getting the last laugh (even if Taiyo still refused to shake her hand).

Verdict: Fun, Fun, Fun

Yoshiko, Hiroyo Matsumoto and Rina Yamashita defeated MAX VOLTAGE (Ryo Mizunami, Miyuki Takase) and Syuri

Having had a few shows where Syuri’s bonds with MAX VOLTAGE got her in trouble, she was finally allowed to let loose and enjoy herself.

Honestly, I don’t have a huge amount to say about this. These MAX VOLTAGE tags are always a blast, and this one was no different. They have a formula, kicking things off with some comedy before ramping up the action, but it’s a formula I like, so that’s not going to generate any complaints.

Yoshiko got the win, pinning Ryo and sharing some words with her and Miyuki afterwards. I’ve no idea what those words were, but it ended with MAX VOLTAGE singing their way to the back in a defiant manner, so I’m going to assume they were great. Only great things can end that way.

Verdict: A Load Of Fun

Las Fresa de Egoistas (ASUKA and Mima Shimoda) defeated Best Friends (Arisa Nakajima and Tsukasa Fujimoto)

Our main event was set-up by the egotistical strawberries turning on Arisa at the end of previous show.

That turn danced through this match with Arisa looking to gain her revenge. Early on, though, this was all about ASUKA and Mima inflicting more pain on her. Nakajima and Fujimoto turned up ready for a fight, and the Fresas proved more than willing to take it. ASUKA, in particular, was made to look like a badass, eating repeated strikes from both Best Friends before putting them down with one of her own.

When Arisa and Tsukasa were able to wrestle, it was clear they were the better team, but that wasn’t what this match was. ASUKA and Mima had no interest in playing by the rules, and they wanted to dish out a beating. In the end, they proved those words extra true, a steel chair playing a helping hand before ASUKA got the win over the champ with the Moonsault.

This was brilliantly set-up with ASUKA and Mima looked like ruthless badasses, dealing out a beating and forcing Best Friends to play their game. ASUKA had her say post-match, and one can only assume we’re heading towards her vs Arisa. Who knows when that will actually happen, but it has the potential to be brilliant when it does.

Verdict: Brilliantly Done

Overall Show

A strong show from SEAdLINNNG that did everything it needed to do. I’ve no idea if this was even originally planned to air in its entirety, but I’m glad it did. Not only is it a nice taste of the wrestling that came before the end times, but the main event did a good job of continuing Arisa’s battle with those pesky strawberries. Fingers crossed we get to watch it play out sooner rather than later.

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  1. They’re definitely heading towards Arisa vs ASUKA. The match was already announced for Arisa’s birthday show on 4/8 but that show was unfortunately cancelled so presumably the match will take place whenever Sead is able to run shows again. Should be great, the 2 of them had a pretty sweet 10 minute midcard match on a show last year so I’m really hoping we’ll get to see the 2 of them get to go all out in a longer main event.

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