Hell in a Cell

The Queen arrives.

Hell in a Cell. Four words that if WWE had their way would send shivers down your spine. It’s meant to be the ultimate feud ender. The one that leaves its participants broken, beaten and begging for psychiatric help; which is why holding a yearly event based around the theme feels weird. We’ll ignore that, though, and instead get on with our review of Raw’s latest PPV.

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Clash of Champions and the Problem with Raw


Raw has a tendency to fall a bit flat. On the weekly TV show, I tend to put that down to its mammoth runtime which has both the crowd in the arena and those sitting at home feeling exhausted by the time the main event comes around. It’s just too much wrestling to watch every week, especially when a lot of it is filler. However, on Sunday night that feeling transferred over to Clash of Champions, despite it being a show that had none of that filler.

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Money In The Bank Preview


It’s that time of year again. The time when multiple wrestlers climb into a ring and nearly kill each other for a cheap looking briefcase. I always feel split about these multi-man ladder matches. There is no denying that they are entertaining; but are they worth it? Does Damien Sandow feel like the risks he took in Money In The Bank matches were worth his time?

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Another PPV and another chance for me to continue my positive attitude towards the WWE.  Thankfully, for both myself and the WWE, the talent have once again done their job well and it won’t be that hard.  I have to be honest and say I haven’t seen last night’s Raw, although I know what happened, so that shan’t be playing to big a part in this.  With that in mind, what was good about TLC?

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In Defence of Sheamus


I am fed up of moaning about WWE.  The amount of wrestling I watch on a weekly basis fluctuates wildly and yet the amount of complaining I do about the WWE is consistently high.  I’ve had enough.  So from now on I’m not going to bother.  With ICW and NXT, the two other shows I watch regularly, I have more than enough good things to critique.  However, that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop talking about WWE.  I love it too much to do that.  So instead, it is time to focus on the positives.

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Hell in a Cell Review

Last Thursday I wrote in my Hell in a Cell Preview that you would be better off not bothering.  Well, despite that advice here I am again, having put three hours of my life into a WWE PPV.  I am indeed a glutton for punishment.  My conclusion?  Hell in a Cell once again proves that if WWE’s creative was half as good as their in-ring talent.  This period of wrestling could be extraordinary.  Here’s that, but in much more words.

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Battleground is very much a B + PPV.  Coming just ahead of Summerslam, it is one of those classic middle of the road WWE shows, which is more likely to set up Summerslam than do anything spectacular itself.  However, with rumours swirling last week about who might show their face.  Battleground suddenly became a lot more interesting to a lot more people.  So let’s have a look and see exactly what went down.  Unsurprisingly, this will contain spoilers.

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Money in the Bank

Money in the Bank always manages to be one of the better WWE events.  The Money in the Bank matches tend to deliver and in the past we’ve had iconic moments, like CM Punk walking out with the WWE title.  However, this year we came into the event just two weeks after Elimination Chamber and such a short build meant that outside of a select few feuds, mainly Cena and Owens, a lot of the build was lacking and felt rushed.  However, WWE was still able to scrape a decent show out of it.

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